Use CF_ADVANCEDEMAIL together with CF_ADVANCEDEMAILPARAM to write a MIME compliant email to the specified spooldir. Together they have many options of customizing the email message. Not only can this tag be used in cases where CFMAIL fails (see ColdFusion bug #18459), but it offers many extra possibilities like email messages which have a plaintext 'failover' for HTML impaired email clients and inline images in HTML email messages.

CF_ADVANCEDEMAIL is released under a BSD license and currently supports CF 4.5.1 SP2 and CF 5. Support for CF 4 can easily be added, but I am not going to do it and without the possibility of attaching files. Support for CF MX is currently under evaluation.

Release notes

Download Version 2.1 RC
Everybody who downloaded any earlier Version 2.1 is requested to upgrade.

ColdFusion MX is not supported. Until somebody comes out with a patch to fix the performance issues with the current Insert() code this is unlikely to ever happen.

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